Blossom Block Birthday Gift package


The Birthday Blossom Block gift package includes 4 blocks; 1 each of Joy, Wisdom, Grace, and Peace.

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Show your family and friends how much you care with our Blossom Block Birthday Gift package.

We start with Joy, a bright sunny block to express the joy in a new day, and one to celebrate as well!

Wisdom comes next; the promise that God will provide us with His wisdom and discernment.

Grace follows with the beautiful flower Jasmine, and her message of grace found in the sight of the Lord.

and we end with Peace; a prayer your loved one finds serenity and renewal of the soul.

Packaged beautifully, Our Birthday Gift Package is an incredible introduction to our Blossom Block gift line and is sure to delight and inspire!

Add one or more blocks to create a truly unique birthday package!



Create loving reminders for your life with these charming Blossom Blocks.

As gifts, they provide a perfect message of hope, celebration and encouragement for any occasion.

Their flexibility and subtle beauty will charm and remind you daily of blessings and provide inspiration to your limits! Display them on a window or desk, mantle, or tuck them into a nook or cranny.

Use them in hospitals or nursing homes where real flowers are not an option; plus now there’s finally an opportunity for those who are allergic to enjoy a beautiful bouquet!

In an ideal size at 3″ x 3″, these adorable blocks have brilliant hand painted floral designs accompanied by coordinating inspirational messages.

Made in the USA.

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Weight 1.5 lbs