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Sometimes on a journey, the end seems nowhere in sight. Be encouraged and supported through this motivating gift. The Believe mug begins as a solid color mug with a hiker setting out on a long journey. With the addition of your favorite hot beverage, the heat sensitive mug transitions to reveal the hiker has reached the destination. The perfect gift for the adventurer in your life, the mug reminds us of the power of perseverance. If we believe we can, we are halfway there.

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Quote: Believe you can and you are halfway there

The Believe Story:  The hiker starts out on a long journey, but before long, the hiker has reached the destination.

Give this gift for the wow factor, the quote, or for the story behind the transformation. Whichever your reason to chose the Journey Color Changing Mug for yourself or give as a gift, it is sure to inspire.

16 ounces capacity
High quality porcelain
Gift packaging
As hot liquid is added to the color changing mug, the simple illustration transforms into a colorful masterpiece. Watch as the story unfolds with color and inspiration.

Manufactured in compliance with California Proposition 65 and US FDA 7117.06 – .07

Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand wash and handle with care to extend life of mug. Dishwasher, microwave, and overheating will damage color changing ability.

The color changing mug is made from high quality white porcelain, is uniquely square shaped, and allows a 16 ounce capacity. The quote and art are specifically chosen to relate to each other. Stories told by the color changing mug transformation are meant to give each mug meaning. Color Changing Mugs are uniquely packaged in clear gift boxes. The packaging for the color changing mug allows it to be shipped safely while still allowing for a lovely presentation as a gift. Gift boxes allow viewing of all angles of the mug and also picture the art of the transformed mug.

At Think Pray Gift, we believe a small amount of inspiration each day can have a tremendous lifelong effect. Our desire is to share that inspiration to grow hope and joy. We create engaging gifts to inspire thought and prayer in everyday life. We spend our time designing, creating, and making daily interaction possible.



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