Wall Art – Grateful – Secret Dry Erase Board


It’s too easy to forget the little things. Remind yourself daily to always be grateful for life’s blessings with this inspirational Open Art. Elegantly handcrafted, the art serves as both beautiful and motivational wall decor. The perfect gift for a spouse, friend, parent, or for yourself, it will certainly be cherished for years to come, a testimony to gratitude and appreciation of the many gifts we receive, no matter how small.

Artwork opens to reveal a dry erase message board.


Beautifully disguised as artwork, this dry erase board wall art serves as a fun way to connect with loved ones. Use the cleverly concealed dry erase board to write special notes to your spouse, children, and others, as a sweet secret just between you.

Open Art – Grateful – Secret Message Wall Art

Quote: Grateful
Inside Words: Grateful heart
12in x 12in x 1in
Open Arts include dry erase marker
Hangs on wall with two attachment points
Meets California Carb Requirements



Open Art Secret Message Dry Erase boards offers a fun way to bring beautiful wall art and uplifting quotes to your home or office.  Add to your surroundings with the latest styles and trends in wall art.  Quotes that connect to the wall art are specifically chosen to bring inspiration to each day.  The Open Art is designed to automatically swing open at the touch of a finger.

The Open Art Secret Dry Erase Wall Art was created for making the communication that strengthens relationships fun.  We suggest using Open Art Secret Message Boards as a place to keep the link of communication open with your loved ones.  Jot a note to tell mom, “Supper was great!”  Write an affectionate note to your spouse, “I remember our first kiss.”

Grateful , wall art secret message board is a beautiful addition to any decor.  Grateful wall art secret message board could be added to a common area of the home for sharing notes between family members.  Grateful wall art can add both beauty and functionality to a space.

At Think Pray Gift we believe a small amount of inspiration each day can have a tremendous lifelong effect. Our desire is to share that inspiration to grow hope and joy. We create engaging gifts to inspire thought and prayer in everyday life. We spend our time designing, creating, and making daily interaction possible.

Additional information

Weight 1.94 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 12 in