Thankful – Camellia Blossom Block


“In everything give thanks”
Camellia flower means Gratitude
Stack blocks to make meaningful arrangements.

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Thankful – Camellia Blossom Block

Camellia means gratitude.
The perfect symmetry and long-lasting beauty of the Camellia flower are symbols of gratitude, excellence, and devotion. The Camellia plant has a variety of medicinal uses and is considered to be good luck when given as a gift.

In the Far East, the camellia's bright pink or red rose-like blooms that range from 5 inches to 8 inches in diameter have long symbolized gratitude and commitment. In Korea, camellia flowers have been a wedding mainstay for centuries. Now, more than 3,000 camellia cultivars are grown in the southeastern United States. As striking as the camellia flower's elegantly arranged petals circling its pistil are the plant's glossy broad leaves, which maintain a deep-green color year-round. Traditional or wild camellia flowers have five or six red petals. Most cultivars bear more and can range in color, including pink, red and white. Some cultivar petals can be multicolored.

3″ x 3″

Made in the USA.

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